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Some 2012 movies can already be seen on Youtube and other channels. They probably aren't as special effectsy, but may give you more info about this year in which everyone has at least one prophecy, like Y2k but with more CGI.

2012 Film Showtime Info

Movies about 2012 (Disaster and Apocalypse Films).

2012 the Nicholas Cage movie (official trailer)

2012 Doomsday (Christian Apocalyptic Movie) Part 1 of 8

2012 Debunked (Next thing you know, these spoilsports will debunk Star Wars.)

The 2012 movie opens on November 13th nationwide, so I hope to see you in line. As we get more information, we will have links to sites that offer tickets and more information. Even though this site gets thousands of visits a day, the online movie ticket people won't even give us a link that points people at their site. Since the movie is going to be opening in a lot of theaters in mid-November, we expect that there will be plenty of show times for everyone, midnight screenings, and long lines at the box office.

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