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February 28, 2011:
A review of the latest trailer for the John Cusack 2012 movie is not very complimentary.


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There are a lot of 2012 movies coming out over the next couple of years. They range from secular to Christian, and New Age to Indian Folk Based Traditions. There are even some Nostradamus based movies on the year two thousand and twelve. There is almost a convergence of belief systems about what will happen on this momentous date. We believe that the upcoming movies about 2012 will bring about a new level of awareness of topics that ordinary people haven't explored, but esoteric and mystical people have been aware of for centuries.

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Update 10/05/2009: Aside from some interesting reviews of the John Cusack trailer (implying that he's the world's best driver for avoiding all the falling buildings.) there aren't too many big spoilers for the movie outside the plot that the world is falling apart. Most of the spoiler sites quote each other and reference the explosions, happy ending, and the fact that the prophecy background is just an excuse for destruction and cinematic mayhem like we've seen in movies like the Day After Tomorrow. Like most action movies, the plot is usually secondary, while the visuals or effects are what people go to see. Most reviews also reference political commentary in the movie itself, which is actually a tradition going back to the beginning of film. Filmmakers tend to fancy themselves as the saviours of the world, or elite enough to tell people what they should be thinking, and in that way they are just like most people walking around on the planet who get a pulpit for their opinions. People who make 2012 movies are no exception, and in fact there are several new age and Christian apocalyptic movies that cover the left and right of the spectrum. We hope to have more reviews of two thousand and twelve movies as they come along, and get more spoilers for people who want to see them.


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