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February 28, 2011:
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Some 2012 movies are already available on DVD, but there are several major films being made up until the year 2012.

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Tix for Movies about 2012 (Disaster and Apocalypse Films).

We now have a link for showtimes and tickets for the John Cusack 2012 movie. As with all blockbuster films, tickets for the 2012 movie are expected to sell out for the Friday and Saturday showings, and usually you get long lines unless you're going for the matinee or early bird shows. If you go too late, you might get those tickets that are so close to the screen that you can't see it all, which is not recommended when you want to see a visual spectacle that has buildings falling down and mountains being overwhelmed by a big ocean. Therefore, you should buy 2012 movie tickets a bit early, or even in advance, so you don't have to wait in the ticket line before you wait in the theater line.  

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