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February 28, 2011:
John Cusack Version Comes out Tuesday March 2



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Many movies are are coming out, and they all vary in quality.

2012 Movie DVDs For Sale

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Get the movie that critics couldn't keep down!

(Buying the Cusack Version? See the Sony Site!)

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Looking to get a 2012 movie on DVD? Many movies about the 2012 prophecy are available for purchase, from Hollywood blockbusters to less commonly known dramas or documentaries that deal with Mayan Prophecy in a more serious and restrained manner. 2012 DVDs range in quality and price from the Blue Ray Version of the Emmerich film (which was panned by critics, but loved by audiences) or the other versions, which can be found on installements on YouTube but also are available for sale without the fancy packaging, special features, or High Definition Surround Sound.

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Miami Herald: 2 Stars

Notes and Special Information

Special note: This review is kind of a parody until we actually see the 2012 movie, but you'd think that the owners of 2012movie.org at least deserve a few advance tickets for all the 2012 movies that they're writing about.