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There are a lot of 2012 movies that came out and warned us about something that did not actually happen, but they are still good. They range from secular to Christian, and New Age to Indian Folk Based Traditions. There are even some Nostradamus based movies on the year two thousand and twelve. There is almost a convergence of belief systems about what will happen on this momentous date. We believe that the upcoming movies about 2012 will bring about a new level of awareness of topics that ordinary people haven't explored, but esoteric and mystical people have been aware of for centuries.

WORLD FAILS TO END, DESPITE MULTIPLE PREDICTIONS! As Predicted by 2012 Films - John Cusack Version Was Box Office Smash!

Movies about 2012 (Disaster and Apocalypse Films).

2012 the Cusack movie (official trailer)

2012 Doomsday (Christian Apocalyptic Movie) Part 1 of 8

2012 Debunked (Next thing you know, these spoilsports will debunk Star Wars.)

Update 11/3/2009: You know what's funny? I had Nicholas Cage listed as the star instead of John Cusack, and nobody seemed to notice or send an email to us. How Crazy is that? As you may have noticed, the June release date for the movie has been pushed back to November, so fans will have to wait to see how John Cusack (not Nicholas Cage, who starred with Cusack in Con Air) deals with a disaster of Biblical proportions.

There is some talk that one or more of the 2012 films slated for release will contain elements similiar to The Day After Tommorow, where a global disaster is the result of technology's impact on the environment. While The Day After Tomorrow tried to deal with a sudden global cooling event that was not quite fact based (given that climate change takes place over years and is hard to plot out) it is thought that some of the 2012 movies may focus on how ocean pollution, carbon saturation, and deforestation are part of a greater prophecy, or create the conditions necessary to fulfill it. In contrast with The Day After Tomorrow (or not in contrast, as the case may be) the Hollywood disaster movie adaptations usually require epic scenes involving massive destruction, so the story is almost always built around the effect, which may sound unusual unless you consider that Edgar Allen Poe argued this approach over 150 years ago.

It turns out that there are a few movies coming out about the 2012 prophecies, with big budget special effects, well known Hollywood stars, and top named writers.

Overall, the premise of all 2012 movie productions is about the same, given that the world is supposed to end on December 21 of that year.. According to the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, or the Mayan Calendar, a 5,125 year span is ending. Depending on who you talk to, there will either be a major upheaval, a spiritual transformation, or the apocalypse. One thought is that all things created by people will turn against them, similar to Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive scenario.

Some movies have already used 2012 as a premise. In the Will Smith movie “I Am Legend” the setting was 2012, and the latest Indiana Jones feature theorized that the world would end if all the crystal skulls were not collected by that date. The movie Death Race (the new one, not the classic) references 2012 as the year that the economy fails.

One major movie, titled “2012: The War For Souls” is a Michael Bay production based on Communion author Whitley Striber’s book of the same name.

One opening soon movie is simply called 2012 which stars John Cusack and Amanda Peet. Rumors about the movie involve a parallel universe, an ensemble cast including Woody Harrelson and Danny Glover, and direction by Roland Emmerich.. The preview shows a tsunami coming over the Himalayas, but offers little more about the movie itself. It was said to open in July 2009, but has been updated to November 13, presumably in order to keep it from taking money away from the Harry Potter movie.

Lastly, David Duchovny spoke of a third X-Files movie based around 2012, which was referenced in the series as the year aliens start colonizing Earth. As with all rumors and predictions about future films, many do not materialize in the way stars describe them.

Outside of these major productions, people have been making movies about the year 2012 for a number of years. People in the new age, alternative, and conspiracy theory group have more than a few productions available for download on the internet, all with their own unique take on what will happen. To see a list of some high and low quality films in this genre you can visit: http://www.metacafe.com/tags/2012_movie.


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